Blue Air might fly this summer from Stuttgart for Condor

German leisure airline Condor will have some of its flights from Stuttgart’s Schwaben Airport operated by Romanian Blue Air airline, according to

At the moment there has not been set in needles the decision, as the current flights for Condor are operated by the Lithuanian Avion Express.

The major change if Blue Air will operate the flights for Condor it’s that the airplanes will be Boeing 737’s instead of the regular Airbus operated by Avion.

Blue Air it’s a Romanian budget carrier who operates from bases across Romania, Italy, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. It’s fleet consists about 30 Boeing 737’s and they are due to receive in 2019 some of it’s 12 Boeing 737 MAX ordered aircraft.

Condor is Germany’s second-largest commercial airline based on fleet size and passengers flown and it is a subsidiary of the British Thomas Cook Group.


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