Ernest Airlines new routes from Italy to Romanian cities of Iasi and Bucharest

Italian low-cost carrier that previously focused mostly on flights to Albania and Ukraine has announced an increase in its operations with an expansion of flights to Romanian. The new low-cost carrier will offer a bunch of new flights from Verona, Torino Cuneo, and Genova to Iași and Bucharest in Romania.

Ernest Airlines flights from Italy to Romania will start in June 2018 and will be served with a mix of Airbus A319 and A320 airplanes.

Flights to Bucharest from Verona and Genova

The first flights to Bucharest will commence in 21 June 2018.
There will be three weekly from Verona to Bucharest and two weekly flights from Genova to the Romanian capital city.

EG376 Bucharest (OTP) 16:20 – 17:30 Verona (VRN) / wednesday;
EG376 Bucharest (OTP) 22:15 – 23:25 Verona (VRN) / monday and friday;
EG375 Verona (VRN) 12:35 – 15:35 Bucharest (OTP) / monday, wednesday and friday.

EG387: Bucharest (OTP) 16:20 – 17:30 Genova (GOA)/ Monday and Wednesday
EG386: Genova (GOA) 18:25 – 21:30 Bucharest (OTP) / Monday and Wednesday

Flights to Iasi from Torino and Verona

Beside flying to the Romanian Capital, Ernest Airlines will offer also flights to Iasi. There will be two flights, one from Verona and one from Torino Cuneo airport. The route Torino – Iasi was operated in the past by TAROM and it is still in operation by low-cost carrier Blue Air.

EG376 Iasi (IAS) 22:20 – 23:40 Verona (VRN)
EG377 Verona (VRN) 18:10 – 21:40 Iasi (IAS)
EG376 Iasi (IAS) 10:05 – 11:45 Verona (VRN)
EG377 Verona (VRN) 06:05 – 09:25 Iasi (IAS)

EG360: Iasi (IAS) 16:50 – 18:30 Cuneo (CUF)
EG359: Cuneo (CUF) 12:40 – 16:10 Iasi (IAS)


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