First images with Boeing 777X cabin interiors

Boeing 777X it’s one of the most expected launches in the commercial aviation this year. The aircraft it’s set for flying the first time this year and starting 2020 to enter into commercial service.

Launch client for the 777X will be the Star-Alliance member Lufthansa.

These years have emerged online a couple of new pictures with the proposed interiors by Boeing for the 777X aircraft series.

Although the interiors are only renderings, they give us a clear idea on how Boeing will propose these aircraft to be configured for passengers.

The renderings with Boeing 777X’s interiors have confirmed what we already know: the new aircraft utilizes interior technology that we have already seen on the 787 along with a couple of design touches that makes currently the 777x unique.

The biggest news for the 777X will be however the folding wingtips, needed because the aircraft has a wingspan of up to 71 meters and some taxiways and airport gates would be unable to accommodate.

The new Boeing 777-9 is expected with a cabin configuration of 414 passenger seats in a two-class configuration or a 349 passenger capacity for a proposed 3-class configuration. Of course, we will see lots of personalization for the seating configurations from the various airlines that will use the aircraft.

The first change we can see on the 777X interiors is that Boeing adapted the overhead luggage compartments and made them on a more rectangular shape than on the 787 or the current generation 777’s.

This is a nice touch since it creates a sensation of space above the place were usually would be the compartments.

As on the 787, we have here also a generous window – which is a lot bigger than on the previous 777. The brightness control is electronic, which also means that the cabin crew can simultaneously control the brightness of the cabin.

The seat pitch its pretty standard as we can see in the image below. What stands out is the entertainment system.

It is expected that a lot of operators to use the 777X in a configuration of 3-4-3 in the economy class.

Well, let’s see the 777X conquer the skies and I wish you a flight with this plane as soon as possible.

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