Airbus could face delays in production after Premium Aerotec factory in Germany got fire

Premium Aerotec its a factory headquartered in Augsburg, Germany with facilities 4 facilities in Germany and one in Brasov, Romania. A couple of nights ago a part of their facility located in Augsburg got fire.

Premium Aerotec its one of the top-tiers Airbus suppliers and they are building several composite units for almost all Airbus aircraft. This incident could face some delays in Airbus production in the next couple of months, but without a real estimate of the delays. Some sources say it might not produce any delays or the impact could be minimum.

Even that, the German suppliers according to DW the Augsburg facility makes fuselage for about 600 planes annually. The company has about 10.000 employees.

The Augsburg plant, in particular, produces fuselage parts for civil and military aircraft at Airbus. Is a specialized factory to lightweight components made of carbon fiber.

There were no reported fatalities as at the moment the fire started there was no one in the building. However, the damages are worth tens of millions of US dollars.

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