HiSky launched flights between Bucharest and Cluj Napoca

Romanian-Moldovian airline HiSky commenced this month its newest flight between the Romanian Capital of Bucharest and the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca. HiSky adds 10 weekly frequencies starting May 9th, with flights operating from Monday to Friday.

HiSky flights schedule between Bucharest Henri Coanda – Cluj Napoca Avram Iancu

Flights are operated on an excellent schedule for passengers who want to travel between these cities on the same day, with flights going from Bucharest in the morning and returning in the late evening from Cluj-Napoca.

H4 283 Bucharest Henri Coanda Otopeni OTP 06:30 – Cluj Napoca CLJ 08:20 / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
H4 276 Bucharest Henri Coanda OTP 21:20 – Cluj Napoca CLJ 22:10 / Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
H4 285 Bucharest Henri Coanda OTP 19:30 – Cluj Napoca CLJ 20:20 / Wednesday, Friday

H4 284 Cluj Napoca CLJ 08:20 – Bucharest Henri Coanda OTP 09:10 / Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
H4 286 Cluj Napoca CLJ 21:20 – Bucharest Henri Coanda OTP 22:10 / Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
H4 275 Cluj Napoca CLJ 19:30 – Bucharest Henri Coanda OTP 20:20 / Wednesday, Friday

Flights are operated with Airbus A320 planes. HiSky has in its fleet 4 Airbus A320s with registration in Romania and one Airbus A319 registered in the Republic of Moldova.

Cluj Napoca International Airport
Cluj Napoca “Avram Iancu” International Airport

Heavy competition from TAROM and Blue Air

The 10 additional frequencies operated by HiSky are competing with national airline TAROM and low-cost carrier Blue Air. The traditional airline on this route was always TAROM with up to 4 daily frequencies operated on the route. Blue Air operates on route 6 weekly frequencies in the summer 2022 schedule.

HiSky carrier commenced operations in early 2020 and operates from Cluj Napoca “Avram Iancu” International Airport since April 2021 when it also based an aircraft. The carrier is mainly known for its charter operations for Amara Tour.

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