Ryanair just started selling connecting flights through Rome Fiumicino

While legacy carriers are trying to adapt their business models to compete with the low-fares promised by companies such as Ryanair, EasyJet or Wizz Air, looks like these low-cost price model companies are just not having enought on the cheap tickets segment and are looking to gain more clients from traditional, legacy carriers.

Our latest example is Ryanair’s ambition into this market. Starting today, it is seen that the Irish low-cost carrier started to offer connecting flight tickets.

First airport available for transfers – Rome Fiumicino (FCO), Italy

For now, the available airports for the transfers is only Rome Fiumicino (FCO), but this looks like only the beginning of a new service offered by the carrier.

With struggling Alitalia it is not a surprise that Ryanair chose to start this new service in the main airport in the Italian capital city.

A special note is to be mentioned that not all destinations are yet possible on the connecting flights. Maybe because scheduled hours, maybe because routes are not optimized, but I am strongly believing that more flights and airports will follow soon Ryanair’s connecting flight service.

Long haul ambitions

In the last years there were many suggestions that Ryanair could eventually offer long haul flights to Northern America, however, the Irish company abandoned for the moment that idea. Various reports suggest that the Irish company abandoned the idea because of the very long queue in the delivery of long-haul capable aircraft.

However, reports suggest that the Dublin-based carrier is in talks to offer feeder flights to other long-haul carriers such as Norwegian or Aer Lingus.

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