Where to stay in Sofia on a business trip? Tested hotels to choose from

Sofia is a great city for business opportunities and in the near future, it will be one of the top destinations for business opportunities. They are building lots of offices and their IT sector is in a big growth with lots of famous European and American companies making local offices in Sofia. So, chances are that you will come to the capital city of Bulgaria on a business trip.

Main business areas are developing on the Tsarigradsko Shosse with lots of international companies offices there with important office buildings such as European Trade Center, Megapark, Inter Expo Center or Sofia Tech Park. It is normal since this road is connecting Sofia to the country on the A1 motorway.

Panorama over the east side of the Tsarigradsko Shosse Office Area - View from Sofia Metropolitan Hotel 10th floor
Panorama over the east side of the Tsarigradsko Shosse Office Area – View from Sofia Metropolitan Hotel 10th floor

Tested Hotels in Sofia

In the past years, I found myself traveling often to Sofia since our company expanded to the Black Sea coast country with its business operations. I don’t really find Sofia a city with too many tourist attractions, but the business scene it’s really vibrant and they gather a couple of HUGE events, at the Sofia Expo Center or at the Paradise Mall expo zone.

Until now I stayed in Sofia in three hotels and for my next stay, I will experience the fourth hotel. Depending on your needs I can recommend a couple of tested hotels.

Metropolitan Hotel – Near the airport, Sofia Expo Center and The Mall

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In 2017 I had the chance to experience another two hotels. First one was Metropolitan Hotel where I stayed for two different occasions. The hotel is really close to the airport, on the Tsarigradsko Shosse, so it tends to be full.

Breakfast is not always included, and if you want to get it is 15 EUR, which is really expensive. Unfortunately, you don’t have many other options nearby except the mall (called The Mall).
Even if the view is amazing, I would avoid the last floor. There are the air conditioning vents and It can be noisy during the night. On the hotel inside rooms are much quieter.

Also, the hotel is close to the Sofia Expo Center – where are usually held some events. It is within a healthy 20 minutes walking distance.
The proximity to the airport also attracted here lots of companies so it might be an interesting option this hotel for business related trips.

Closest metro station is Mladost 1, at a 20 minutes distance.

You can find a couple of meetings rooms for rent at Metropolitan Hotel but they have also on the last floors a something like an open room where you could invite your guests for a talk.

Also, Metropolitan Hotel in Sofia states that they have the best transfer service to Sofia Airport.

You can find a couple of other 4 stars hotel in the neighborhood – such as the Novotel Hotel near The Mall, but it tends to be much more expensive.

Suite Hotel – In the Students Neighborhood, very conveniently located for cross-city meetings

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If you find yourself with meetings in the city center zone or in more parts of the city, Suite Hotel can be very well located. They also have meeting rooms for rent, if you need one.

The hotel’s rooms are absolutely HUGE.

Some of the advantages also are that you are in the Students neighborhood which means you have lots of cheap options for dining and also lots of options for having fun.

You can read more about my experience at Suite Hotel Sofia right here.

Central Hotel – Downtown Hotel Sofia

At my first business trip in Sofia, I stayed at Downtown Hotel (which is in the City Center) – it is a 4-star hotel but it’s nothing to be impressed there. A couple of restaurants in the area. The hotel restaurant wasn’t comparable to other options. However, at the Downtown hotel, I stayed in 2015 so things should have improved.

Vitosha Park Hotel – Best part is the view

View from Vitosha Hotel to the park and mountain
View from Vitosha Hotel to the park and mountain

This hotel is very close to Suite Hotel Sofia, next to the same park. The best thing about Vitosha Park hotel is the view. If possible, ask for a room with view to the mountain.

Although it is rated as a 4-star hotel, is incomparable with the other mentioned hotels. One thing to note, however, it was much cheaper.
If you focus on finding things that are bad at a hotel, well, you can find those things everywhere. About Vitosha Hotel Sofia one thing is for sure: don’t make 4-star expectations.

If you are looking for a room and you are constrained by tight budgeting, it might fit your expectations.

Don’t rely on the internet connection. A scale from 1 to 10 the internet although the Wi-Fi connects it’s from non-working to miserable. After one day I gave up and bought an internet option on my mobile phone. It was unbelievable to me that a hotel in 2017 in Bulgaria can have such a weak internet speed. Especially since we are in the capital city, next to the student’s neighborhood.

One thing about Sofia is that I usually, heard that the housemaids expect a tip to be left on for their proper cleaning. Also, on every check-in I was asked who will pay for the accommodation, even if the company already settled the payment before my arrival with the credit card.

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