Business hotel in Sofia – Suite Hotel – Near the Students Neighborhood

In the past weeks, I had again a business trip to Sofia, the Bulgarian Capital City. The hotel where I usually stayed was almost fully booked and got out of budget prices. Thus, I let my colleague with whom I made the trip to decide on the hotel.

It was my third business trip to Sofia in just two months so I wasn’t in the mood to explore too much.

My only wish from the hotel was to be with a high rating and at least four stars, which it did. So I almost instantly accepted that Suite Hotel will be our next hotel in Sofia. I think I just briefly checked a couple of pictures on Tripadvisor and looked on the rating from Booking.

So, mostly, I didn’t have any expectations besides having at least a comfortable bed and good water pressure.

Suite Hotel – Placed in the Students Neighborhood – Studentski Grad

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The hotel wasn’t too far from the office (which is a couple of minutes from the airport), but the traffic was really congested so ended up staying something like 30 minutes in traffic. Taxis in Sofia are reasonable priced and even with a more like demanded tip you usually get a fair price.

The nice thing about Studentski Grad is that there are lots of options to go out eating at reasonable prices. Also, I was really surprised that right in front of the hotel there was an exchange that accepted and converted almost every single European (or at least Balkan) currency.

Get to the hotel, did the check-in and got a 4th-floor room. Besides getting my magnetic entry key to the room I’ve got also a voucher for a free lunch at Suite Hotel’s restaurant on the 12th floor, besides breakfast. I thought I didn’t hear it correctly so I, later on, asked my colleague if he got the same, which he confirmed.

Every day we went to the office using the metro station, which also leads directly to the airport. The main problem was that the metro station wasn’t that close, it was at least a 20 minutes walk from the hotel. We used the G.M. Dimitrov station to go to Mladost station, from where we had again 15-20 minutes walk to the office. But at least the weather was nice.

Huge room. I mean, Really-really HUGE ROOM

So, after I check-in, I enter the door and find the room. I couldn’t believe that we’ve got in our budget a room of this size. I mean, an absolutely huge room, with a huge bathroom, huge windows, quite clean for the price our company paid it was simply unbelievable.

I don’t usually make selfies in hotel rooms, but this hotel deserved to make one. And also a panorama picture. Because not many people would believe that the size of the hotel room was comparable with almost an entire 2 bedroom apartment.

I stayed in big rooms in 5-star hotels in Singapore (Marina Mandarin), Portugal, Italy, San Francisco, Las Vegas (The Venetian) – but this room from Suite Hotel was simply bigger.

The beds are very comfortable.

There is also a mini-fridge packed with everything you would need.

One advice is that you should request a room on a higher floor. We stayed at the 4th room and on the 3rd one there was the (free fitness room). Sometimes we felt some vibrations from there, for a moment I believed it was an eartquake. So don’t stay on the 4th floor.

Still, one disappointment was for me – since we were staying at a 4-star hotel is that the soap and shampoo were in a bottle on the wall. So no single packaging for guests. However the shower had a very good pressure and the temperature selector was very intuitive.

Free lunch is good but skippable

Our first interaction with the hotel’s Zest restaurant was when we tried to exchange the free lunch vouchers at the restaurant. The staff from the restaurant were quite surprised (I doubt that they didn’t knew about this free service) and warned us that the lunch would be really light. Which we’ve taken into consideration and said that we are really fine with that. And we were.

Altough light, we’ve got a salad (just the plant, with some olive oil on top) which was really fresh. Also, the rice which came a little later on was again really good.

View from Zest Restaurant to Vitosha Mountain - Suite Hotel Sofia
View from Zest Restaurant to Vitosha Mountain – Suite Hotel Sofia

Good breakfast

Maybe I didn’t mention that the restaurant of the hotel is a panoramic one. You see the Vitosha Mountain really good, they have a small terrace and from the restaurant, you see very well all the city. When I was at Suite Hotel I was in process of quitting smoking (and really did it! 🙂 ) but I was thinking that this view is amazing for having a cigar and a coffee in the morning.

It’s very nice having a restaurant on top of the hotel.

The breakfast, even if I stayed for two nights was the same in all days. I think that all the buffet restaurants for breakfasts in Sofia ar the same at every hotel. Maybe because tourists are not staying that many days?
Anyway, the omelet was good and everything was plenty.

Suite Hotel can be a very good business hotel

Localized in a neighborhood with lots of dining options, with very good room sizes and excellent value for money, Suite Hotel is one of the best business hotels you could book in Sofia. Still, quite far away from the metro but the taxi is cheap in Sofia and you can get in about 3o-40 minutes to the airport.

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