WOW Air might relaunch in October 2019. First flights between Washington Dulles and Reykjavík

Icelandic low-cost carrier WOW Air might be reborn, following an investment from an US-based investor.

Michele Ballarin’s company bought WOW Air’s brand and will start to relaunch the carrier, but it might be very different from the first WOW Air ultra-low-cost business model. The new WOW Air is said to have some form of food-service onboard prepared by a Michelin-rated chef and also to bring some fun in the air.

Ballarin said in a press meeting that she purchased certain assets from the previous WOW company, such as the uniforms, computers and marketing materials.

The first flights are said to be operated starting October 2019 between Washington Dulles (IAD) and Reykjavík.

Investors plan for the new WOW Air are to have a fleet of two aircraft for the launch and then growing the fleet to four aircraft until summer 2020. The current investors ambition it’s to grow the fleet only to a number of 10 to 12 aircrafts and stabilize there the profitability of the company.

At the moment it’s unclear if the new WOW Air (or WOW2) will have a fleet of Boeing or Airbus aircraft. It might be even both.

Even if the launch is with such short notice, we will still have to see if it will happen. There is no schedule yet, no fleet and no officially launched routes.

There is said to be a pledge of an 85M$ investment on the table for this relaunch, we will have to see what it will become of that.

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